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The season has started. 

The quickly starting spring without rainfall held out the promise of few plants to gather for us. Thanks to the long desired rain, the nature burst into bloom. The camomile is already in flower well in Békés County. It raised beautiful flower heads up. At present, the camomile flower heads come to us continuously. To inquire about buying up please contact us by phone.


 We are at your service to receive advance booking for our products. Please contact us, and we will call you back!



   In 2012, it occurred to us that somehow we dispose or by any chance process the by-products from distilling essential oils. Examining the by-products, we concluded that after briquetting or pelleting we could get an excellent fuel. During the continuous trials and errors, development of technologies, we became aware of the fact that to store briquette raw materials on an appropriate degree of humidity is of cardinal importance. For that, we should have used a huge surface in our existing halls, and also the conveyance of materials would have been difficult. At the beginning of 2013, we laid the foundations of a new hall, which, owning to continuous construction became the spot of making briquettes for the beginning of 2014.

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